Design and development of products and systems for energy efficiency, control and monitoring of air, water quality, noise and pollution of large urban areas.


Design and development of products for the intelligent building management and monitoring of industrial machines, based on the following data transmission technologies: TCP / IP, Powerline, Bus and Modbus, short-range radio.


Design and development of advanced solutions for fingerprint recognition and tracking, and image recognition. Sample applications: authentication in computer systems, verification of identity of the citizen (electronic documents), physical access control and attendance, Law Enforcement (police) and border control, monitoring and control of road vehicles.


Technological research, design and development of products for:

  • management and optimization of energy consumption in lighting systems for indoor and outdoor, and in the heating and air conditioning systems
  • systems management, control and monitoring of micro and small power production of electricity and their networking, with   particular reference to the production of electricity from solar energy.
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption and peak energy management


Design and development of remote control and monitoring software for industrial applications based on AJAX technologies and Java, through distributed architecture of servers with high reliability for database management and historical archiving of alarms, events and functional data.

Smart Grid

Applied research and product development for the network transformation of outdoor lighting in smart grid capable of delivering value-added services of public utility, aimed at simplifying and improving the quality of everyday life.


Applied research and product development based on:

  • technical data transmission powerline narrow band and broadband (BPL)
  • M2M data transmission on GSM, GPRS, UMTS platform
  • plastic optical fiber transmission
  • short-range radio transmission with WI-FI, Zig- Bee, and self-sustaining (without batteries) technologies